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Strategic Website Design for beauty Industry Professionals.
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connection is key...

The best think you'll ever do for your business (and yourself) is connect your WHY to your marketing efforts.

my dream for you is...

That your website will showcase your WHY, the soul of your brand, and call in dream clients that are fully aligned, obsessed with your work & culture, and can't help but rave about you.

I believe that...

When potential guests get to understand that deeper side of you, the thing that makes you YOU, the connections you'll forge are deeper and stronger than you can even imagine.

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You might not know this about me but...

I quit the beauty industry for 2 years.

I've been in the beauty industry since I was 14, and a working full time as a stylist since I was 16. For the about 10 years honing my craft and learning everything I could about business before opening my salon suite mid pandemic in 2020.

And then 2021 hit. My marriage tanked, I got divorced, closed my salon, and decided to take a break from it all. I sept two years traveling the country, riding horses all over the country and... randomly building websites for friends.

My passion is strategizing experience forward websites

for salon owners and hair stylists that showcase your brand experience and magnetize dream guests... all while getting you found on google. *wink*

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riding horses at dawn in the mountains

When I'm not behind a computer screen

I'm probably totally feral somewhere in a barn, or in the woods. It's not unusual to find me on a reading a book while I'm trail riding my horse, Delite. And yes, she is a delight. ;)

I'm also a proud dog mom to an 11 year old black lab/hound named Wrangler. He's the light of my life, my constant companion, always down for a hike, a snuggle, or a road trip. Speaking of,  I sort of really love to travel and one of the main reasons I started working remote is to have more freedom to travel!

And... I'm still a hairstylist!!

I'm back behind the chair now, loving life and so happy to connect with the guests I missed while I was traveling for 2 years. Stepping back into being a hairstylist was a conscious choice to reconnect with my artistic side, and allow me to better understand the needs of both clients and hairstylists.... which only helps me create the best websites possible!

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Want to work together?

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