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Strategic Website Design for beauty Industry Professionals.

Let's be honest... your salon or beauty biz is different than everyone else's. Right? You've got your own vibe, core values, aesthetic and way of doing things and that's what makes your guests absolutely rave about you. 

The thing is, no matter how awesome you are in person- if your website isn't showcasing your unique experience you are missing out on dream clients who WANT to book with you!

A custom website design that thoughtfully and strategically incorporates all the elements of your brand will not only get you more booking from the people already checking you out... It'll also get you in front of a whole new audience. Aka, people who search things like "hair salon near me" on Google rather than social media.

Wondering what the experience of building a custom website is like? Keep reading ;)

Custom Design

For Hair stylists, salons & beauty pros
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As a hairstylist website design can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Laura was able to revamp my website to make it extremely user friendly for our salon guests all while still keeping our vibes alive. You can use any web designer but having someone who thinks like a hairstylist (cause she is) was super useful, she didn’t just make it better she offered lessons and tips along the way. Everything she adds is an improvement and upgrade, making you think what else can be possible for your business.

- Kyle

My sweet spot is diving deep into the

heart & soul of your brand

to transform it into an experience forward Wix Website that isn't just easy for your clients- it's also easy for you to maintain... even if you don't want to keep a website designer on retainer 24/7.

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It all starts with a

Brand Discovery Session

Using my Brand Builder's Blueprint we'll take some time together so I can truly understand the ins and outs of your specific business. I want to understand the "why" behind what you do, and truly grasp the values and experience you create for your guests.

We're also going to talk about your dream guests, and get deep into who they are, their hobbies, passions, and even where they shop. I'll use all this info to create completely custom website copy that speak directly to your ideal audience.

Functional Design Aesthetic 

We're in the beauty industry, so obviously the design has to be 10/10... but it also has to be functional and actually get dream guests to book. This is where my strategic expertise comes in.

I'll design a website flow that leads visitors on a journey where they envision themselves in your chair, the experience you'll provide, and how they're going to feel walking out of the salon as their best self. They won't be able to click the "book now" button fast enough.

studio 260 salon website mockup
"You can use any web designer but having someone who thinks like a hairstylist (cause she is) was super useful."
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Keywords, SEO, and all things Google

To be honest... there's a lot that goes into ranking on Google. Things like, having keyword rich website copy, connecting to Google Search Console, and properly mapping out pages for Google to easily index them.

Luckily for you, the nerd side of my brain LOVES this stuff which means you don't have to. 

PS, I can even help you set up a professional email with your domain and get you listed on Google My Business.

The Educated Send Off

Once your new website is 100% up and running, I'll hand you the reins. Before you get nervous here's a few things I'll leave you with...

  • Video tutorials of how to edit the most common things, like adding/removing stylists from your team page, updating affiliate links, and swapping out old photos.

  • Google Docs with all of your website copy so you have everything saved in an alternate location because sometimes technology sucks and having a backup is always a good idea.

And of course, I'll be here anytime you need tweaks done that you don't want to do yourself!

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  • Pages

    These will be customized to your unique needs, but most include:

    • Home

    • New Guest/Booking

    • Meet The Team

    • Subpages for each individual stylist

    • Services

    • Shop (your amazon favs or affiliate links)

    • Link in bio (for your IG account- think but its actually your website)

    The Customization Process

    • Brand discovery call

    • Weekly or bi-weekly video calls

    • Regular video updates with opportunity for feedback and revisions

    • Keyword research specific to you and SEO optimization

    • Basic brand kit if needed (y'all I'm not a brand designer so if you already have a logo/colors/fonts that's awesome, but if you don't I'll help you out)

    The Educated Send Off

    Yes, you can absolutely reach out to me anytime to help you tweak and update your site. But some things (like adding new employees, changing pics, and shop links) are super easy to DIY!​

    • I'll include tutorial videos on how to update the most common things

    • Word docs with all your website copy so you have a backup

  • After filling out my inquiry form you'll be directed to book a discovery call. This is where we'll video chat, go over all the details and I'll answer any questions you have. When you book this 30 minute call you'll pay a $50 fee, which will go towards your website retainer if we move forward!

    My custom website design starts at $2,222 and includes up to 20 hours of work (most websites take 15-20 hours). Additional hours will be billed at my current hourly rate.

    Website host fees, domain, and any other associated costs are not included. Typically these are around $300/year.

    Starting at $2,222

  • Most custom websites are completed in 4-6 weeks.

    Disclaimer- I'm a one woman show, I'm building your website myself, not pawning it off on some guy overseas for $12/hour. That means you get insane attention to detail, and every element of your website will be 100% custom to your business needs. Some businesses need more set up (your salon is new and you still haven't finished your online booking, or given any thought to your mission statement yet) and require more time, and others have every element set up already and I'm able to plug & play quicker. The majority of my custom builds are completed within 6 weeks.

Sound good to you?

If your gut is telling you that this website design experience is the right one for you, let's book a discovery call. First, you'll fill out my inquiry form so I have an idea of what you're looking for. Once you click submit you'll be prompted to book a discovery call.

Talk soon! Laura

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Working with Laura was very easy & fun! 

She understood what I was looking for in a website & made the technical tweaks needed in order to bring that vision to life. All of my existing clients loved the vibe & aesthetic of the website and said it was super easy to navigate and eventually book their appointments. My new guests love it as well for the same reasons and say it’s a much simpler, to the point website than others they’ve visited, which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

Sarah P.

Dirty Blonde Salon, NH

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